‘Letter to America: TikTok breaks silence on viral Osama bin Laden videos

'Letter to America': TikTok breaks silence on viral Osama bin Laden videos

TikTok breaks its silence on popular Osama bin Laden videos in a “Letter to America”
Videos promoting OBL’s “Letter to America” will not be allowed on TikTok.
US legislators call for a ban on Chinese apps.
An article is removed from The Guardian’s website.

The short-form video app TikTok announced on Thursday that it will not allow any content that promotes Osama bin Laden’s 2002 letter, which details the former al Qaeda leader’s motives for attacks against Americans.

This week, discussions about the 20-year-old letter have proliferated on the platform amid the ongoing debate over the Israel-Hamas conflict, with some Western users commending its contents.

Written in the wake of al Qaeda’s almost 3,000-person attack on US soil, the letter contained antisemitic remarks, condemned US support for Israel, and charged Americans with funding the “oppression” of Palestinians.

In Pakistan in 2011, a US military special operations squad killed Bin Laden.

“TikTok claimed in a statement that rumours that this letter was “trending” on the site were false. “Content advocating this letter plainly breaches our policies on supporting any type of terrorism,” the company stated.



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