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Leopards kill 30 goats in Kaghan village

MANSEHRA: On Thursday night, two leopards attacked an animal shed in Shangiran village of Kaghan valley here, killing 30 goats and injuring six sheep.

Shepherd Mohammad Yaqoob told reporters that the felines may have come from the nearby Malkandi National Park or Khatta Mungloor forests in search of food.

He claimed that it was the village’s first such attack.

Mr. Yaqoob stated that a two-person wildlife department team went to the animal shed and collected evidence before leaving.

He also stated that he showed the team photos of leopards killing goats.

The shepherd stated that work on a hydropower project near the Malkandi National Park and Khatta Mungloor forests had begun, which could be the cause of wild animals leaving their natural habitat.

The wildlife department rescued two injured leopards from the Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad Road in Kaghan Valley in February and March. After that, one of them died at the Dodial Peasantry.

Taimur Shah, divisional wildlife officer, confirmed the leopard attack and said his department was looking into it.

“Our team has gathered data and evidence from the village,”

Mr. Shah stated that temperatures in the area, particularly in alpine forests, had dropped significantly following a snowfall in Kaghan Valley two days ago.

He speculated that the two leopards may have left their natural habitat for food.

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