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Latif Khosa calls Imran Khan’s arrest ‘illegal,’ Hopes for relief from SC

Renowned lawyer Latif Khosa has called former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s incarceration “illegal and unconstitutional,” and expressed hope that the Supreme Court will intervene.

In a statement, Latif Khosa said that the detention of former Prime Minister and PTI head Imran Khan was a violation of the law and an attempt to deflect attention from the election issue.

“These are people who do not believe in the democratic process.”

According to the eminent lawyer, the Supreme Court’s ruling was not brought to the attention of Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Aamer Farooq, hence the detention was deemed “legal.”

He went on to say that Imran Khan was in contempt of court because he went for biometrics (within the IHC premises), the door was smashed, and the High Court’s property was harmed.

Latif Khosa also questioned the case against Imran Khan, claiming that trusts were established for the benefit of the people and that there was no evidence that the former prime minister had taken money for himself.

He also hoped that the Supreme Court will grant Imran Khan relief.

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