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Lahore corps commander’s house attackers identified

RAWALPINDI: Rioters who stormed the Lahore Corps Commander’s house and other Army posts have been identified by law enforcement as the investigation continues.

Protesters invaded the house of the Lahore Corps Commander following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

A few rioters who targeted Army sites have been identified, and legal action has been taken against them.

The attackers of the Lahore Corps Commander’s residence have been identified by law enforcement and booked under terror charges. So far, Owais Mushtaq, Ibad Farooq, Muhammad Hashi Khan, and Jahanzeb Khan have been identified for their involvement in property damage and torching.

During a PTI workers’ protest, army installations and the Corps Commander’s home in Lahore were attacked.

It was also alleged that Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Operations Ali Nasir Rizvi was severely injured while clearing the house of the Lahore Corps Commander.

Protesters pelted DIG Operations Ali Nasir Rizvi with stones during clearance operations at the Lahore Corps Commander’s house, according to accounts.

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