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“Lack of content” is making romantic comedies less popular: Kate Hudson

Recently, Kate Hudson went into further detail on the reasons why rom-com movies have been less popular in recent years.

Kate made an appearance on Sean Evans’ Hot Ones show where she discussed the failure of contemporary rom-com as a result of the absence of a “decent tale.”

“I believe sometimes people assume rom-coms are all about the meet-cute,” the actress from The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery said to the host.

“A great romantic comedy is about finding love, falling in love, getting broken up in love, and then how you get back together. That’s a really conventional rom-com plot, the 43-year-old argued.

“The ones that we love are with two movie stars in a love story,” the Raising Helen actress said. They are brilliant and sparkling, fulfilling all of your wishes. They should make you feel warm and fuzzy, and after that, they stay by your side forever. They are the most traditional.

Even if “they’re intended to feel brilliant,” Kate said, “that doesn’t mean they need to appear so bright.”The Nine actors said, “I believe the genre gets kind of dumbed down a lot of the time because people assume they know.”

And then the chemistry,” she said. I’m happy that Matthew McConaughey and I were in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days because he’s great.

The actress jokingly remarked, “That’s the class I’m going to be [teaching] at NYU film school when I’m 75,” in reference to instructing a course in a college.

I’ll be the rom-com professor, she continued.

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