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KP governor set May 28 date for province election

ISLAMABAD: The governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stated that the province’s general election will take place on May 28.

Governor Ghulam Ali told the media in this location that the province’s Lakki Marwat and Tank districts have recently seen attacks on census workers. He questioned how the candidates could conduct their campaigns under these conditions.

The worst security situation has occurred in KP, he claimed. The governor reported that yesterday in Tank, policemen were attacked. He said that the census team had been targeted.

It will be challenging if law and order are not addressed, he added, adding that this is the main issue.

I’ve set the election date for May 28 in KP; the election commission must now decide whether to hold the election under these conditions. Gov. Ghulam Ali prayed for a peaceful election in KP.

“Our tribesmen are protesting, and tribal elders have also been briefed,” the governor stated. The nation and the amalgamated districts put pressure on me. I have fulfilled my constitutional obligation to announce the election date, he claimed.

The KP governor remarked, “My duty has been completed; now it is up to the institutions and the caretaker government. The governor declared, “We must respect the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The governor stated, “There are reports from state institutions, and it also seems to me that the elections are not feasible.

Initiating contact with all political groups and holding elections for all assemblies on the same day are two things he wished for.

He asserted that “all political groups, including PTI,” want elections to be held on a single day. Zaman Park has also been contacted and has chosen to participate, he said.

During a second meeting with President Arif Alvi, Governor Ghulam Ali visited the White House.

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