King Charles ‘doing very well’ as he maintains ‘dignity’ as monarch

King Charles 'doing very well' as he maintains 'dignity' as monarch

Some people think that King Charles could become one of the most well-liked kings in Britain.

Even though there are some problems, the 74-year-old is slowly winning over the public’s hearts.

Talk show host Rafe Heydel-Mankoo said to GB News, “The Christmas speech in 2022 was the most watched Christmas speech of the 21st century.” The Coronation was the year’s most-watched event.

“The King wants to send a message about the kind of King he will be and set the tone for his reign.” I think he did a great job with that. I believe the Coronation really shows how he feels about the throne.

He also said, “It kept the service and all of its majesty and dignity, but it was changed to make it more relevant and true to the world we live in now.”

“I believe that is how the King really sees the kingdom he rules over. Naturally, we’ve seen that he’s been a big success around the world and has proven himself to be a great daughter after his mother.


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