King Charles’ bid to rehabilitate a ‘stupid person’ like Prince Andrew laid bare

King Charles' bid to rehabilitate a ‘stupid person' like Prince Andrew laid bare

King Charles is under fire right now for trying to fix up Prince Andrew’s image.

Daniela Elser, a court commentator, brought all of these claims to light.

In her most recent piece for, she said what she thought about it.

She started by writing, “On Christmas Day, the Duke of York was able to attend the St. Mary Magdalene church service with the royal family for the first time in years. He wasn’t rushed to an earlier 8 a.m. service like his late mother had made him do.”

“He was even given the honour of taking in Her Majesty’s corgis.”

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But Ms. Elser thought, “I have no idea why the royal family are trying to quietly rehabilitate the pillock of a former UK ambassador for international trade, but they clearly are.”

“Blood is thicker than good sense, legal advice, and taste,” maybe? She also said.

Later in the conversation, she went back in time and talked about Prince William’s attempt to share a car ride with the Duke of York. She said, “Handily this all-expenses-paid jaunt was reportedly paid for by the Kingdom’s royal family, a country where 40 pro-democracy demonstrators somehow died in 2011.”

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“Most people haven’t paid much attention to this, but these cases, especially the Sjoberg documents, make it look like the Andrew bin fire could start up again.”

Aside from all of this, she also said, “The ding dong duke can’t be better fuel for the nascent British Republican movement than that.”


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