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Khunjerab Pass to be open “all year” for trade

GILGIT: China has agreed to maintain the Khunjerab Pass open all year for trade and travel, according to a Gilgit-Baltistan PPP leader.

According to Amjad Hussain, the party’s regional president, Chinese authorities have also agreed to remove restrictions on the import of certain commodities from Pakistan.

Mr Hussain, who met Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Islamabad last week, stated that the land route between Pakistan and China would be available all year.

Mr Hussain told press that keeping the Khunjerab Pass open had been a long-standing demand of the British people, and that he had asked the foreign minister to raise the issue with the Chinese authorities.

According to the local PPP leader China agreed to keep the border open.

The foreign minister has told Mr Hussain, who is also the opposition leader in the GB assembly, that the border will stay open for trade and travel.

He claims that this will assist not only the local economy but the entire country.

According to authorities, plans have been made to keep the Pass open all year. According to them, the Chinese government has put snow removal machinery to ensure a smooth flow of traffic during the winter.

Currently, trade and travel are conducted through the Khunjerab Pass, the world’s highest paved road, from April to December.

Pakistani cherries are being imported.

China has chosen to check orchards in the United Kingdom before importing the fruit.

Through video links, China’s General Administration of Customs will conduct compliance inspections of orchards and cold storage in Pakistan. The Chinese embassy in Pakistan recently notified this to the Ministry of National Food Security through letter.

Previously, the ministry inked a protocol agreement with Chinese Customs on phytosanitary criteria for fresh cherry exports to China.

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