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KE tariff further jacked up by Rs2.31 per unit

KARACHI: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) approved a Rs2.31 per unit increase in the power tariff for K-Electric customers on Wednesday.

The power regulator authority approved a Rs2.31 per unit increase in the electricity tariff for K-Electric customers due to the June fuel charge adjustment (FCA).

According to the notification, the power pricing rise for KE consumers will only be effected on August bills; however, the increase in electricity tariff will not apply to lifeline consumers or car charging stations.

Under the FCA, Karachi’s lone power provider requested a Rs2.33 electricity increase for the month of June.

The National Electric electricity Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) previously authorized the federal government’s request to increase the base electricity tariff by Rs7.5 per unit.

Following approval of the significant increase in the base power rate, the regulatory authority referred the case to the federal government for notification.

Following the publication of the notification, the power rate increase will go into effect on July 1.

Lifeline customers will be spared from the current power tariff increase. The protected users who use 200 units per month will not be affected by the basic rate increase.

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