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Kashmir Martyrs’ Day to be observed today

ISLAMABAD: The Kashmir Martyrs’ Day (Youme Shudaha-e-Kashmir) will be observed today with utmost fervor and passion in honor of the Kashmiri martyrs who gave their lives in the struggle for their country’s freedom from illegitimate Indian rule.

The Kashmiris will honor 22 Kashmiris who died in 1931 for liberating Kashmir from the brutality of tyrannical Dogra rulers by celebrating Kashmir Martyrs’ Day not just on both sides of the Line of Control but also throughout the world.

The real Kashmiri heroes would be remembered as Kashmiri martyrs like Elahi Bukhshi, Afzal Guru, Burhan Wani, Maqbool Bhatt, Syed Ali Gillani, Ashraf Khan, Zakir Musa, Riaz Naiko, Ahsan Dar, Ashraf Dar, and Maqbool Allai.

The sad day marks a turning point in Kashmiris’ struggle against foreign occupation, a struggle that is still ongoing today under Indian unlawful control.

The cruel treatment of Kashmiri Muslims by Dogra forces during the period of Dogra control (1846–1947) in Kashmir is well documented. For Kashmiris, Youme Shuhada-e-Kashmir is the perfect day to look for motivation to bring their freedom struggle through to its logical conclusion.

Pakistanis support the oppressed in this difficult time and share the sorrow of Kashmir’s independence fighters.

Pakistan observes Youme Shudaha-e-Kashmir as well and opposes the repressive Indian occupation practises that continue to be used against the helpless Kashmiris.

The day also serves as a warning to Indians: if the people of Kashmir did not submit to the tyranny of Dogra rule, how will they submit to the illegitimate Indian rule? “India would have to defend itself in front of the world court for the crimes against humanity it committed in Kashmir.

The bodies of Shaheed Kashmiri leaders that India has interred in prisons should be returned “On this occasion, the Kashmiri leadership urged.

They further stated that in order to stop the crimes being committed under the guise of democracy, the international world must act.

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