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Karachi likely to experience severe load shedding

KARACHI: Karachi may suffer significant load shedding as K-Electric lost a record Rs 39.4 billion in the first nine months of fiscal year 2022-23.

According to data, K-Electric lost Rs 1.49 billion in the first nine months of 2021-22.

The economic crisis led to a 5.8 percent decrease in K-Electric unit consumption in the current fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year.

Bill payments at K-Electric have also decreased as a result of the present inflation. According to K-Electric sources, the power distribution firm may not provide electricity to the city’s high-loss zones.

Furthermore, in areas where power is stolen, the duration of load shedding is extended. In April, places where more electricity is stolen may see 8-12 hours of load shedding, while those with less power theft may get 8-10 hours of load shedding.

Previously, on April 14, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) approved an Rs0.58 per unit increase in K-Electric’s electricity pricing.

The power regulator body issued a notification and sanctioned an Rs0.58 per unit increase in the electricity tariff for K-Electric customers due to the February fuel charge adjustment (FCA).

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