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Karachi board issues statement regarding matric exam admit cards

KARACHI: The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) declared today (Saturday) that admission cards will be issued to SSC part II students who filed their examination forms late for the annual exams.

The annual SSC part II exams were due to commence on May 8 in Karachi, and students who filed their test forms late will receive their admit cards today.

Several parents reported that the exam centers were not clear in the online execution of the admit cards, and the center superintendent also complained about the board’s insufficient number of chairs.

“Some additional candidates are present at the exam centers, but the required furniture has not been provided by the board,” remarked the center supervisor.

The exam controller, on the other hand, declared that the board will remain open despite the weekly vacation, noting that the board will remain open on Sunday, May 07, to assist pupils.

To eliminate misunderstanding, the exam controller promised that the exam center would be included in the admit card beginning next year.

Previously, BSEK released the schedule of SSC part II annual exams and prohibited teachers and students from using mobile phones on examination center grounds.

During a press conference, BSEK chairman Sharaf Ali Shah said that the annual SSC part II examination will begin on May 8 and will be held in two shifts across Sindh.

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