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Kaghan-Naran road closes due to melting of huge glacier

PESHAWAR: The Kaghan-Naran road is closed to all traffic due to the melting of a massive glacier, according to a National Highway Authority (NHA) spokesman on Sunday.

The NHA official also stated that work on removing glaciers and cleaning the road at Chitta Katha on Naran Road is progressing quickly. According to him, the passage was also obstructed by another large glacier at Guriya Chinch Naran. He stated that the construction will begin when the glacier on Guriya Chinch was cleaned.

The Tourism Authority’s spokesman, Muhammad Saad, recommended travellers to exercise caution while visiting the Kaghan and Naran valleys. Tourists should avoid visiting Naran, he said, adding that the district administration, NHA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Department, Tourism Authority, and Kaghan Development Authority are working together on a priority basis to clear the road from the melted glacier that has blocked the road.

He advised guests to call the Tourism Helpline 1422 for any information or emergencies. Tourism awareness information is often disseminated on social media channels, according to a Tourism Authority official.

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