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Journalist Imtiaz Baig killed in Jhelum

JHELUM: Imtiaz Baig, a private channel reporter, was killed in an ‘assassination attempt’ carried out by unidentified individuals in Jhelum.

Imtiaz Baig, a Samaa TV reporter, was killed in an ‘assassination attempt,’ according to police. According to police, unidentified individuals beat Baig with a baton as he exited a nearby mosque after praying.

According to authorities, the perpetrators fled the area after assaulting the TV reporter.

According to local media sources, the veteran journalist’s body was taken to the district hospital. The police initiated an inquiry to determine the motives for the attack.

A journalist died in October 2021 after being critically injured in a cracker attack in Hub, a city in the Balochistan region bordering Karachi.

Unknown guys threw a hand grenade at a vehicle in the Hub neighborhood, injuring two persons, including a local television journalist. He died after being sent to a nearby hospital in Karachi for medical treatment.

Shahid Zehri, according to the authorities, was the victim.

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