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Jessica Chastain humiliated Tom Cruise twice

Do you have any idea? Jessica Chastain, an Oscar-winning actress, embarrassed megastar Tom Cruise by declining two of his excellent projects.

Both of these actors have established themselves as some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. While Cruise, 60, boasts blockbuster franchises like ‘Mission Impossible and ‘Top Gun’ to his CV, Chastain, 46, has received accolades for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, ‘Interstellar’ and the very recent ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’.

“[Director] Kathryn Bigelow cold-called me. I was in Toronto at the time, and I’d heard from [producer] Megan Ellison. We had collaborated on a film, Lawless. ‘By the way, do you know Kathryn Bigelow is trying to contact you?’ she said. “She wants to meet with you on something,” Chastain said of her conversation with Ellison just before the filming of “Oblivion.”

However, she had already signed the contract, which barred her from leaving the project.

To be honest, Chastain stated that she was not interested in the Cruise-starter at the time, and he assisted her in signing Bigelow’s film.

“A representative from my agency contacted him and said, ‘Listen, she wants to work with you.'” And she would want to, but there is another film that is quite important. And with his help, I was able to complete this film. “He’s a pretty amazing human,” Chastain said of Cruise.

‘Oblivion’ was not Jessica Chastain’s first rejection of a Tom Cruise project. She was also offered a position in ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ (2015) with the Hollywood actor, but she turned it down since she didn’t want to prepare for six months for the role.

Both of the aforementioned films grossed $700 million at the global box office.

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