Jan Achakzai pledges to fight scourge of terrorism

Jan Achakzai pledges to fight scourge of terrorism

The Web Desk (Quetta) – Balochistan’s acting Minister for Information, Jan Achakzai, says that Pakistan will attack terrorist hideouts if militant operations from Afghanistan don’t stop.

He was worried that, even though Afghanistan has been a refuge for Afghan refugees for 40 years, it is now giving terrorists a place to live and high-tech weapons.

Achakzai made it clear that Pakistan is against all kinds of terrorism and said that if things don’t get better, Pakistan will raid terrorist hideouts to solve the problem.

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He used recent terrorist attacks to show the link between the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Afghan leaders.

Pakistan has talked to Afghanistan at the Foreign Office level and is working on plans to send back illegal immigrants. Achakzai spoke out against what he sees as Afghanistan’s “double game.”

The TTP broke their truce in November of last year, which led to an increase in terror activities in Pakistan, especially in KP and Balochistan. The caretaker prime minister blamed recent attacks on the Taliban government in Afghanistan and its policies of deporting people.



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