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Islamabad roads to be named after prominent personalities

ISLAMABAD: The federal capital’s local administration plans to name dozens of roads after renowned individuals who have made significant contributions to Pakistan in their different disciplines.

According to information, the capital city’s local administration has addressed letters to all federating units, as well as Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, seeking the names of important figures who have gained accolades for the country in various sectors.

The administration’s first goal with this project was to collect names from the provinces. It will now commence a selection process with the assistance of appropriate authorities.

The administration will most likely prepare a list of names that will be approved by the federal government.

People from all walks of life are likely to applaud the move, since many believe that people who have provided exceptional services in their respective sectors should be recognized at the highest level.

It should be mentioned that just a few roads and streets in Islamabad have been named after famous people. However, the local administration currently plans to name at least 40 to 50 roads and streets in honor of the services provided by many people both before and after the subcontinent’s division.

“As Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad has special status, and it is quite significant if anyone’s work is recognized here by naming any street or road after him.” “A number of people have done tremendous work for this country but have yet to be fully recognized,” an official added.

He went on to say that a list of names would be compiled and presented for final approval. “The list will include the names of people from all over the country.” The procedure is in progress and will be completed in the next weeks.”

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