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Islamabad releases a “special” strategy in response to increasing security concerns

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad police on Tuesday launched a “special” plan, maintaining security on high alert, in response to growing security concerns.

According to the plan, the police have erected 25 temporary checkpoints across the city and are continually keeping an eye on the entrances to the Red Zone region of Islamabad using Safe City cameras.

The police confirmed that they are also keeping an eye on metro service users using camera footage in an early morning tweet. The police warned the public to make sure their number plates were issued by the excise office, warning that “Legal action will be taken against nonspecific number plates and unregistered automobiles.

Additionally, they have ordered landlords to “register renters and workers at the nearest police station or service centers” and advised foreign nationals to carry their identity credentials with them. According to the Islamabad police, individuals who hire undocumented local or international labor would be looked into.
Additionally, the police advised people to call the 15-helpline to report any suspicious activities.

The strategy was announced two days after the governments of the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia warned their people in Pakistan not to visit a five-star hotel in Islamabad due to the potential threat of a terrorist assault. A police official chose martyrdom and many others were hurt when a suicide bomber detonated himself during a check-up in Sector I-10 of Islamabad, prompting the extraordinary advice and threat alert.
According to police authorities and witnesses, this was the first suicide attack in the nation’s capital in more than eight years.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the blast, which happened close to the police headquarters on the main route leading to the government complexes containing the parliament and other important offices.
Since then, security measures have been increased and Islamabad has been on high alert.

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