Islamabad court to indict Imran in Toshakhana case

Toshakhana case
Toshakhana case
ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was indicted in Toshakhana case on Tuesday by a local court in Islamabad.

Further Sessions PTI chief’s criminal case is being heard by Judge Zafar Iqbal, who announced the indictment’s date as February 7.

The judge made the orders after PTI leader neglected to show up for today’s session despite being summoned.

The judge questioned Khan’s attorney Ali Bukhari about his client’s power of attorney at the beginning of the session.
However, the attorney for Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) argued in court that a power of attorney cannot be presented until Imran Khan appears in person, and he requested the judge to order the former prime minister’s detention.

Bukhari informed the judge that they had already presented their client’s medical certification. He further mentioned that top PTI counsel Barrister Ali Gohar would be arriving at the court in five minutes.

The court then ruled that Bukhari must turn in the power of attorney by today.

However, the attorney for ECP reminded the court that until surety bonds were provided to ensure PTI chief’s attendance in court, Khan’s attorney was unable to file the power of attorney.
The ECP attorney then requested that the court issue an arrest warrant for PTI leader for failing to show up for court.

The court denied the commission’s plea, but it did order PTI leader to provide surety bonds in the amount of Rs 20,000 to guarantee his attendance at the subsequent hearing.

The former prime minister was declared ineligible by ECP in November of last year, and PTI leader was declared to no longer be a member of National Assembly in a unanimous decision in Toshakana reference.


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