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Iranian women arrested for not wearing hijab after yogurt thrown on them

According to a video and report published by the Mizan News Agency, Iran’s judiciary’s state-run media, two women in Iran were arrested after a man threw yogurt on them for not wearing the hijab at a store in the northeastern city of Shandiz.

A man is seen on video approaching one of the unveiled women and speaking to her before grabbing a tub of yogurt from the store and throwing it, striking both women in the head.

Iranian women face arrest if they do not cover their hair. Many people have defied the mandatory dress code in protest of the death of a young woman in custody who allegedly violated hijab rules.

According to Mizan News Agency, the two women were arrested after being issued an arrest warrant for failing to wear the hijab in public. The incident is being investigated, and the male suspect has been arrested for disturbing the peace, according to Iranian officials.

Unquestionably necessary to wear a hijab

The Iranian government reiterated on Saturday that the hijab was required attire.

According to Reuters, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated, “The key point is that now we have a legal mandate.” “Everyone must abide by the law due to the legal duty.”

Raisi continued, “If there are people who claim that they do not share this opinion of ours (the requirement of the hijab), then this is the place for scientific and cultural organizations as well as schools to discuss this and persuade them.

According to a tweet from the organization on Saturday, the “hijab is an obvious religious need” in Iran.

With the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, in the morality police’s custody in September, Iranians have demonstrated against the country’s hijab law, as well as political and social issues, in all parts of the country.

Several schoolgirls have taken off their headscarves in class, and women have burned their headscarves and chopped their hair.

Electric shocks, controlled drowning, rape, and fake executions are just a few examples of the brutality and torture that those detained for taking part in anti-government demonstrations have endured.

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