Iran kills another man publicly despite international outrage


Iran killed a second man convicted in connection with the demonstrations that have rocked the government for almost three months, despite an international uproar against its use of the death penalty against individuals participating in the movement.

At the weekend, rights organizations warned that numerous additional persons detained during the protests faced the death penalty.MajidrezaRahnavard was condemned to death by a court in Mashhad for killing two members of the security forces with a knife and injuring four others, according to the judiciary’s Mizan Online news agency.

It was stated that he was hung in public in the city rather than in prison. After Iran carried out the first death associated with the protests on Thursday, there was still shock throughout the world when the most recent execution took place.

The 23-year-old Mohsen Shekari was found guilty of assaulting security personnel. European and American citizens were outraged by his execution.

MahsaAmini, a Kurdish-Iranian woman detained by the morality police for allegedly violating the Islamic Republic’s stringent clothing code for women, passed away while in detention, setting off weeks of protest.

The authorities have referred to the demonstrations as “riots,” yet they are actually the largest threat to the government since the shah was overthrown in 1979. They have encountered a crackdown that campaigners claim is meant to frighten the people.

Prior to the two executions, Iran’s judiciary announced it had sentenced 11 individuals to death in connection with the demonstrations, but activists believe a dozen more face accusations that might result in the capital penalty.

“There was no due process. Trials by sham. That is how they want to put an end to the widespread protests “Following the latest execution, Omid Memarian, a senior Iran analyst at Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), remarked

According to Mizan, Rahnavard was apprehended on November 19 while attempting to depart the country. According to unconfirmed claims, he is 23 years old.


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