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Indonesian police officer killed in suicide explosion; 10 others injured


A suspected militant suicide bomber attacked a police station in the Indonesian city of Bandung on Wednesday, killing one police officer and injuring ten others, according to authorities.

AgusSujatno, 34, a member of the pro-Daesh organizationJamaahAnsharutDaulah (JAD) who had previously served four years in a maximum-security jail for his role in a 2017 bombing, was the assailant according to police.

At a news conference in Bandung, the capital of the West Java province, national police commander ListyoSigit stated that “the fingerprint test and the face recognition identified the offender as AgusSujatno or Abu Muslim.”After completing his term for a prior bombing in Bandung, he was freed in September 2021, according to Sigit.

The explosion on Wednesday happened at the Bandung Astana Anyar police station at about 8:00 am. West Java police chief Suntana, who like many Indonesians uses one name, stated, “When our officers were completing the morning roll call, a guy tried to enter the office forcibly and officers tried to stop him.”

He told reporters, “The offender insisted on coming closer to our cops while brandishing a knife, and then an explosion happened. An explosion that was quite loud, according to a witness who was close to the police station.

“It was extremely noisy, yet I heard a sound. I looked inside the police station and noticed billowing heavy smoke “DidinKhaerudin, the owner of an adjacent kiosk, told AFP that after the explosion, authorities ordered all businesses to close.

Later, a second device was discovered nearby, and the police bomb squad successfully destroyed it, according to Suntana.

One of the injured, who, according to him, was largely struck by broken glass and debris, was a bystander. The blue motorbike the attacker was riding had paper notes attached to it, according to the police.

The communications exhorted individuals to launch a battle against law enforcement and attacked the Indonesian criminal code as being the work of “infidels,” according to the police. A stack of documents that rejected a recently enacted criminal code change was also discovered by police at the location.

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