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Indian boy ties the knot with Pakistani girl in Sukkur

A young kid from India arrived in Pakistan with his family and married a girl in Sukkur.

According to sources, Mahindra Kumar, a Mumbai resident, married Pakistani girl Sanju Kumari in Sukkur after becoming friends on social media.

In March of last year, in a cross-border love tale, an Indian girl married a Pakistani boy after they met on a social media platform.

According to reports, Shehnaz, a woman from India’s Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana, married Zeeshan, a Pakistani young man from Mawlapur.Shehnaz and Zeeshan’s Nikkah ceremony was held at Mawla pur, and both of them had valid passports from their respective countries.

While commenting on the entire incident, the police stated that an Indian girl arrived in Pakistan on February 28 and is currently staying there. “Police have a complete record of her arrival, departure, and other travel details,” the statement stated.

Cross-border marriages are not uncommon, with Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik marrying Indian tennis star Sania Mirza being the most renowned example.

Sania Mirza is from Hyderabad in India, whereas Shoaib Malik is from Sialkot in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

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