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Indian army misfire three missiles during practice

NEW DEHLI: According to reports in Indian media on Saturday, the Indian Army accidentally fired three missiles during an exercise in the Rajasthani district of Jaisalmer, raising concerns in the neighborhood.

Three surface-to-air missiles malfunctioned during a firing exercise at the Pokhran range, according to India Today. There were thunderous explosions when the three missiles struck fields in various settlements in the area.

The Indian media, however, asserted that there had been no documented loss of life or property.

The missiles were accidentally fired during a military drill, according to Lt Col Amitabh Sharma, the spokesperson for the Indian defense. He insisted that an investigation into the situation had been opened, and that appropriate further steps would be done.

The report stated that while police had recovered the debris from two of the misfired missiles, they had not yet located the third. Police and military troops from India are presently looking for the third rocket.

The Indian Army was testing the missiles, which had a reported range of 10 to 25 kilometers, but they veered off course owing to “technical faults.”

A missile was discovered in a field near Ajasar village, according to Nachana Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kailash Vishnoi, and a second missile was discovered in a different area. Upon impact, the missiles left very significant craters.

Three Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel were fired by the New Delhi administration last year for breaking standard operating procedures (SOPs), which allowed a missile to be fired into Pakistan.

India finally ended its investigation into the “accidental fire” of the Brahmos missile on Tuesday and found three officers responsible for failing to adhere to the established SoPs.

On March 9, 2022, a Brahmos missile was inadvertently launched. Three officers’ violation of the usual operating protocols resulted in the missile being accidentally fired, according to a court of inquiry (COI) established to examine the facts of the case and determine responsibility for the occurrence.

“The incident has mostly been held against these three officers. The central government immediately ceased providing its services. On August 23, 2022, the officers received termination orders, and the document continued.

India acknowledged inadvertently launching a missile into Pakistan on March 9, which Islamabad claimed may have resulted in a massive catastrophe and possible nuclear conflict between the two neighbors.

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