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India to introduce first AI presenter

IT and AI industries in India have recently experienced a tremendous upsurge as global interest in and development of artificial intelligence (AI) has increased by leaps and bounds.

Many content creators are still experimenting with AI in order to better understand its intricacies and ramifications, but some businesses have taken AI to levels that have astounded people.

In an effort to “revolutionize” television broadcasting, Odisha TV, a news network headquartered in Odia, has debuted Lisa, its first artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor.

OTV declared on Twitter: “Meet Lisa, OTV and Odisha’s first AI news anchor set to revolutionize TV Broadcasting & Journalism.”

The broadcaster added: “Lisa, OTV’s AI news anchor, is able to speak in a variety of languages. In addition to English, she will offer news for OTV’s digital platforms in Odia with ease.

The Indian broadcaster posted a video of Lisa introducing herself in perfect English in a very genuine manner.

She continued by calling her debut a “historic moment” and announcing that she will host news updates later.

OTV also mentioned that teaching Lisa Odia was a significant undertaking that they were still working on.

They stated that their goal was to train the AI presenter so that she could effortlessly engage in social interactions.

In the following days, Lisa will be working to improve her Odia skills. You can discover Lisa and follow her on all the major social media networks, including Facebook and Instagram, they added.

A second Indian channel in Kannada has debuted Soundarya, an AI presenter who is highlighted in her news program.

Hello, everyone,” said Soundarya as she made her entrance to the first show. Every industry is being affected by AI, and the TV news sector is no exception.

Several of my coworkers (AI newscasters) began providing news on several of the networks in north India. According to the Hindustan Times, Soundarya introduced herself as the first robotic anchor for Power TV in South India during her first program.

An Indian media company previously introduced Sana as their first AI news anchor.

“Bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless, speak multiple languages, and can always be controlled,” was how Sana was described.

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