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In the Gwadar raid, ANF seizes 1400 kg of hashish

Gwadar raid
Gwadar raid

KARACHI: On Thursday, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) conducted a raid in the mountainous region of Gwadar and confiscated a significant quantity of hashish.

An intelligence tip prompted the ANF to undertake a raid in the mountainous area of Gwadar in Balochistan, where they discovered 1400 kg of hashish being transported on camels with the intention of being smuggled by sea to foreign countries.68 grammes of marijuana were found in shipment from London by anti-drug officers during a raid at the International Mail Office in Rawalpindi.

Additionally, a spokeswoman for the ANF reported that at the Peshawar airport, 3.5 kilogrammes of ice belonging to two suspected men intended for Sharjah were confiscated.

119 kilos of hashish were found in a truck on the National Highway near Hyderabad by ANF agents, who also detained two suspects. At the Karachi airport, where three suspects were travelling to Bangkok, the anti-drug agency found 150 grammes of heroin in capsules that a woman and two other suspects had consumed.

Additionally, an accused Mehrabpur resident surrendered 11 kilos of hashish to the ANF on the National Highway close to Sukkur.

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