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In just five months, Pakistan borrows $5.1 billion

Pakistan borrowed $5.115 billion from foreign lenders between July and November of the current fiscal year, a 14% increase over the same period the year before, despite the country’s external account being in difficulty.

In its monthly report on foreign economic aid (FEA), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA) stated that it received around $5.115 billion in foreign assistance in 5MFY23, compared to $4.499 billion during the same time last year.

Pakistan received $842 million in foreign investment in November alone, a 6 percent rise over the $794 million received in the same month last year.
Because of this, the total inflows of $5.115 billion in 5MFY23 barely made-up 22.4 percent of the year’s planned total of $22.817 billion.

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