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Imran reaches before IHC for bail in mutiny case

Imran Khan, the former prime minister and head of PTI, is scheduled to appear before the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday to request protective bail in a mutiny case that was filed against him at the Ramna police station in the capital.

Through his solicitors, PTI leader entered a plea today asking for pre-arrest release in the case. The lack of biometric verification was one of several objections to the petition that were noted by the registrar’s office.

The ex-PM was given protective bail in the case till April 26 by the Lahore High Court on April 14.

Imran was accused of “spreading hatred between the institutions and the public” and “trying to cause unforgivable damage to the institutions and their top officers” in a first information report (FIR) submitted by municipal magistrate Manzoor Ahmed Khan on April 6 at the Ramna police station.

The former prime minister went to the Islamabad High Court on April 10 and asked for the mutiny case against him to be dropped. Faisal Chaudhry, Imran’s attorney at that session, objected to the jurisdictional issue because the incident took place in Lahore yet a FIR was lodged in Islamabad.

Imran has arrived in the capital with his convoy, according to a tweet from PTI today, in relation to the petition that party filed on Imran’s behalf.

The appeal, submitted by PTI leader’s legal team, alleged that the current administration had brought the case against Imran to damage his character and for political purposes.

The petition claims that because the government has been unable to uncover even the slightest hint of wrongdoing against Imran, it is now using him as leverage in pointless legal proceedings.

The plea requested that the court drop the FIR.


The FIR was filed in accordance with sections 138 (abetment of act of insubordination by soldier, sailor, or airman), 500 (penalty for defamation), and 505 (statements conducive to public mischief) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

The FIR claims that Imran engaged in “character assassination” against a top Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) officer during a speech from Zaman Park Lahore on March 19 that was broadcast on BOL News.

The PTI leader is said to have insulted ISI and army officers in speeches on November 4, 11, and 28, 2022, as well as on October 28 and 29, according to the FIR. It claimed Imran had threatened the families of senior officers and used derogatory language.

It further claimed that he incited extremists and constantly threatened the life of a senior officer’s family.

The complaint also claimed that by making disparaging remarks, the former prime minister damaged the army’s prestige. As a result, the complainant claimed, foreign governments targeted Imran and attempted to sour relations between the public and the military.

He asserted that Twitter and other social media sites are used in Imran’s lectures in order to “make the soldiers revolt against their oath and the officers through a conspiracy.”

The former premier “tried to create such an atmosphere among the top army officers and other soldiers that they do not listen to their officer’s commands” through these comments, the FIR continued.

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