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Imran Khan’s interim bail extended in three cases

In three instances, including the attack on the Lahore Corps Commander House, a Lahore anti-terrorism court on Friday extended Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s bail until June 2.

After hearing arguments from the former premier’s attorney Salman Safdar in charges pertaining to the attack on the Jinnah House, PTI demonstrators’ fights with police in Zaman Park, and the death of Zilley Shah, ATC Judge Ijaz Ahmed Buttar rendered the judgment.

At the police stations on Sarwar Road, Shahdman, and Gulberg, complaints were filed against the PTI leader.

Salman Safdar, Imran Khan’s attorney, emphasized during the hearing that the charges brought against his client were politically motivated.

Barrister Salman also expressed concern over the lack of action taken against the person who injured the Deputy Inspector General (DIG), and he questioned why the assailant had not been caught.

In the Zilley Shah murder case, the ATC court asked PTI Chief Counsel to work with JIT and threatened to revoke his client’s bail if he did not.

Salman Safdar then reassured the court that they will work with the investigators looking into the death of Zilley Shah.

After hearing the arguments made by the attorneys, the ATC decided to reserve judgement on Imran Khan’s requests for temporary bail in the two cases involving the murder of Zille Shah and the vandalism of Zaman Park, where police tried to arrest him.

Additionally, until June 2, the ATC judge prohibited the police from detaining Imran Khan. Additionally, he gave the former prime minister instructions to participate in the investigations and to provide surety guarantees of Rs. 100,000 in each case.

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