Imran khan writes to CJP, urges inquiry into ‘assassination plots’

Imran khan writes to CJP
Imran khan writes to CJP
LAHORE: Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has requested that Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial conduct a probe into the “continuous threats” to his life and the “attack” on his home in Lahore’s Zaman Park.

The former prime minister requested an investigation into the “continuous threats” to his life and the “attack” on his mansion in Lahore’s Zaman Park in a letter to CJP Umar Ata Bandial.

Imran Khan wrote in his letter that he had repeatedly asked the courts for video link access because his “life is in danger” during several court hearings.

He said, “I have been putting my life at risk every time I have to make a court appearance. No security has been provided to me, and there has already been one attempt on my life in Wazirabad.

When Khan’s house was raided by the Punjab Police on Saturday while he was at the Islamabad Judicial Complex for his court hearing in the Toshakhana case, the former prime minister claimed that it was proof of an assassination plan.

“When we arrived in Islamabad and were making our way to the Judiciary Complex, we were surrounded on all sides by containers to prevent my arrival at the Complex and in front of the Magistrate in an effort to feign a lack of attendance,” he stated.

“The police and Rangers used tear gas and baton charges against common unarmed individuals and PTI leadership accompanying me in order to agitate the mass of people assembled in support. What was worse, he claimed, was that the police officers stationed on the Complex’s roof began throwing rocks at the protesters.

He stated he felt something was ‘amiss’ and that ‘it was not my arrest that was being planned but my assassination’. “What gave validity to this was that while our lawyers were not permitted inside the Complex and were beaten back from the door, around 20 or more unknown people (not uniformed and with no identity shown) were allowed inside,” the speaker continued.

Khan further added, “When I was experiencing all this in Islamabad, my residence was assaulted in Zaman Park by the Punjab police in blatant defiance of the directives given by the Honorable Lahore High Court”.

He described his wife as a “very private, non-political person” and said that at the time, she was alone in the house with a few of domestic helpers. The Islamic ideal of the sanctity of veils and walls was also clearly violated by a bunch of armed cops smashing down my gate and entering my property without permission, the man continued.

He requested that an appropriate investigation of these incidents be done as his final request in his letter.


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