Imran Khan warns countrywide protests if SC judgment violated

Political rivals want to kill me to avoid accountability: Imran Khan
Political rivals want to kill me to avoid accountability: Imran Khan Imran Khan warns countrywide protests if SC judgment violated
LAHORE: Days before a Supreme Court hearing on the date for general elections across the country, PTI Chairman Imran Khan asked the ruling coalition to hold elections, warning that if the government failed to call snap elections.

PTI and its supporters would take to the streets to protect the Constitution.

Mr Khan told party supporters via video link from his Zaman Park home that the authorities were terrified of elections because they knew “they would be defeated and Imran Khan might revert the NRO and recover Rs1,100 billion looted money stashed abroad.”
“If this government violates the Constitution and the Supreme Court decision, party workers and supporters, as well as every Pakistani,” Mr Khan said in his statement to the nation.

He claimed that a country becomes a ‘Banana Republic’ when its constitution is breached.

“Every Pakistani must come out on the streets to save the Constitution…to protect the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan,” he declared.

Imran declares that he has “no desire for vengeance” since assuming power; calls a meeting of party leaders to discuss ticket grievances.

Mr Khan told pro-PTI media at the event that a country’s system is strengthened when its institutions, including as the court, army, bureaucracy, and police, become strong through merit.

There is no desire for vengeance.

Mr Khan refuted the notion that he would exact retribution on his opponents after becoming power, declaring, “I will not take revenge, but will ensure the country’s rule of law.” He also stated that PTI was not in politics for personal benefit, but rather to help the country get out of its current crisis.

In response to another query about Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari’s intended visit to India, Mr Khan stated that he had “severed relationships with India” when they took Kashmiris’ statehood on August 5, 2019 by repealing Article 370.

He stated that the martyrdoms of Kashmiris should not be forgotten and that they should be granted their rightful rights. “Pakistan can pursue normalization of relations with India if it withdraws its decision to deny Kashmiris statehood,” he said.

Mr Khan had earlier declared in a video-link address to party workers at Zaman Park that PTI sought to achieve change through the power of the vote, but that opponents were avoiding elections. “The PTI’s opponents should be placed on ECL before elections so that they do not flee the country,” Mr Khan urged.

PTI president stated that he and his party workers were fighting a peaceful war for true freedom. “The core goal of my party’s struggle is true independence.”

He claimed that only nations that respected the rule of law advanced, while those who committed abuses failed. He regretted that the powerful in Pakistan were getting NROs while the helpless were being taken up by unknown people and tortured.

Mr Khan expressed sadness that PTI’s Instagram coordinator Attaur Rehman was chosen and that no one knew where he was for the past six days.

PTI chief also tweeted that PTI activist had been kidnapped for five days. “We demand his immediate release as well as an end to the kidnappings and torture of our social media activists.” “These young people have committed no crime and are being punished solely for being a part of PTI’s social media team,” he wrote on Twitter.

Election tickets for Punjab

PTI chief Imran Khan has convened a meeting of heads of review committees and district presidents to discuss the complaints of candidates who were denied tickets.

According to sources, many hopefuls were objecting and giving proof that they were better-suited candidates in their particular seats.

According to them, Mr Khan would listen to party leaders’ grievances and may reconsider his decision to distribute the tickets.

While 1,500 applicants had submitted nomination papers to the Election Commission of Pakistan, Mr Khan stated that he would examine 1,000 contenders before making a decision on party ticket allocation. The PTI is expected to make a decision on a new party ticket candidate by Tuesday (today) night, because the deadline for submitting new party tickets is Wednesday (tomorrow).

In response to a question, Mr Khan stated that he would also interview female applicants seeking nomination for reserved seats. He stated that the basis for selecting female candidates will be their allegiance to the party and their ability to contribute to assembly.


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