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Imran Khan vows reforms in justice system after coming into power

LAHORE: Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has promised to revamp the legal system after assuming power with a large majority.

Imran Khan challenged all political parties to run in elections and let the people choose their rulers while speaking to PTI workers on the party’s 27th anniversary.

Recalling the past fight, Imran Khan stated that he won only one seat in the 2002 general elections, and that 90% of workers left his political party after contesting the second general election, and that 95% of workers left the political party after contesting the third general election.

“We boycotted the 2008 general elections, and people assumed the party’s future was over.” We were elected in 2018 and dominated the country for 3.5 years.”

Khan went on to say that PTI conducted a historical power show at the Minar-e-Pakistan. “To date, no political party has organized such a massive power show at the Minar-e-Pakistan.”

The former prime minister claimed that “criminals are now making decisions about the fate of the country.” He went on to say that democracy and prosperity cannot be brought to the country until the judicial system is strong.

He stated that Pakistanis living abroad are the country’s most valuable asset. He also stated that if a significant number of foreign people invest in Pakistan, the country will not require foreign financial assistance.

According to Khan, foreign nationals are dissatisfied with the current system. According to PTI chief, there would be no change in Pakistan unless corrupt people are defeated.

“Those who want vote rigging blocked the path of the electronic voting machines (EVMs) system.” I challenge all political parties to run in elections and let the people choose their leaders.”

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