Imran gets exemption from appearance in Toshakhana case

Imran gets exemption from appearance in Toshakhana case
Imran gets exemption from appearance in Toshakhana case
ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has been granted immunity from appearing in the Toskhana case before a district and sessions court in the federal capital.

Additional Meetings After hearing arguments from the former prime minister’s legal team and prosecutor Amjad Parvez, Judge Zafar Iqbal issued the ruling.

During the hearing, PTI chief’s lawyer requested a three-day exemption, claiming that the Islamabad bar was holding protests for three days.

According to Amjad Parvez, the suspect must ensure his attendance in court during the trial. He claimed that even if his lawyers wanted to join the protest, PTI chief should have appeared in court.

Khawaja Harris, Imran Khan’s attorney, said that his client was receiving threats and that the government had also taken away his protection. Mr. Harris begged the court to accept the claim of exemption.

The judge requested that the parties work together to schedule the case’s subsequent hearing. Khawaja Harris then asked for the hearing to be postponed for two weeks. Haris questioned the court’s expedited handling of this matter as well. The prosecutor stated, “It is SC’s observation to disclose verdict in criminal matters within 90 days.”

Amjad Parvez requested that the court charge Imran Khan and set the trial date for after Eid. Judge Zafar Iqbal later agreed to the exemption request and continued the hearing until April 29.

Toshakhana Case

Imran Khan, a former prime minister and the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the Toshakhana reference pursuant to Article 63(1). (p).

“According to Imran Khan’s account, he had acquired the gifts from Toshakhana paying 21.564 million rupees, but the Cabinet Division maintained that the items had a worth of 107.943 million,” the ECP stated in the written verdict.

He had around half the value of the government present in his bank account. Imran Khan was required to disclose the cash and bank account information in his tax forms, but he did not, according to the ECP judgment.

Imran Khan has been disqualified under Article 63, 1(P), for making a false statement and declaration, according to the ECP, which also stated that he has been removed from his National Assembly seat.


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