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Imran expresses willingness to restore relations with the United Sates

Imran expresses willingness to restore relations with the United States


Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI, stated on Sunday that he wanted to rebuild relations with the US.

US Treat Pakistan Like “Slave”

He indicated a readiness to cooperate with Washington despite allegations that it treats Pakistan like a “slave” after alleging that it plotted to depose him as prime minister a few months ago.

Assassination Attempt of Imran Khan

Following a failed assassination attempt earlier this month, Khan told the Financial Times in an interview that he no longer “blames” the US and, if re-elected, wants a “dignified” relationship. He also criticized Pakistan’s IMF program and warned that the nation was on the verge of defaulting. A no-confidence vote that Imran Khan believes was the consequence of a plot between Shehbaz Sharif and the US led to his removal from office in April.

Imran Khan’s popularity reason

Imran Khan has gained in popularity in part because of his anti-American rhetoric, and many analysts think that he will win the general election that must be conducted by the end of the year. He claimed that the purported conspiracy, which Shehbaz Sharif and the US both rejects, was over and behind him.

Imran Khan’s condition to Rebuild relations with the US

“The Pakistan I want to run needs to get along well with everyone, but especially the US. In the past, the US and us have had a master-servant or master-slave relationship, and we have been utilized as hired guns. But rather than the US, I blame my own administration for that.

Plotted murder attempt of Imran Khan

Earlier this month, a shooter wounded Khan several times in the leg as he was spearheading a march throughout the nation to compel early elections. The former prime minister, who is now recovering and using a frame to help him walk, says he has proof that Shehbaz Sharif and other important military and civilian figures plotted his assassination. Sharif and the other representatives all vehemently refute the accusations. But at a time of political and economic turmoil, the shooting and Khan’s incendiary claims have plunged Pakistan into even deeper trouble. According to some observers, Pakistan, which this summer experienced disastrous floods, is in danger of defaulting on its more than $100 billion in foreign debt.

Imran’s criticism of the IMF program

Khan criticized Pakistan’s IMF program for enforcing austerity measures including rising gasoline prices at a time of excruciating inflation, which was initially launched under his administration in 2019 but renewed by Shehbaz Sharif. “How are you meant to pay off your loans since your loans keep growing when you contract the economy, and some of the IMF initiatives make your economy shrink?” he said. “Consumption has fallen off… So, I have a question: How will we pay off our debts? We will undoubtedly move closer to default.

Imran Khan’s Trip to Russia

Khan acknowledged that a trip to Moscow the day before the February invasion of Ukraine, for which he alleges the US retaliated against him, was “embarrassing,” but he insisted that the trip had been planned months in advance.

The demand for Early election

Early elections, according to the former prime minister, are the only means of reestablishing political stability. He did not provide concrete proposals for the economy should he be elected, but he did warn that if elections are delayed, “it might be beyond everyone.”

Imran’s demand for Army’s contribution

Khan’s road to office faces a number of challenges despite his popularity, including legal disputes that might prevent him from running.

He declared, “The army can contribute positively to my future ambitions for Pakistan.” “But that balance is required. You cannot have an elected government with the authority somewhere and the duty supplied by the people.

Imran wants future Army chief on Merit

His attacks on the military have been criticized by some observers as a disingenuous ploy to win their favor and sway the imminent appointment of a new army leader. He rejected this and insisted that the candidate should be chosen “on merit.”

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