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Imran demands the release of Swati and distance from Bajwa’s “Nazi activities”

Imran demands the release of Swati
Imran demands the release of Swati

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), stated on Saturday that he had hoped the new military leadership would have “disassociated from the eight months of Bajwa’s fascist actions against PTI, the media, and critical journalists” following the retirement of former army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa.

The former premier stated in a series of tweets that Azam Swati, a PTI senator, was being treated with “vindictive harshness,” and he questioned what his offenses were. For using foul language and using a democratic right to ask inquiries, Imran enquired.

He said that the current federal government was “regarded as a simple puppet administration,” which contributed to the “increasingly bad” perception that Pakistan and its military were receiving on a global scale.

Imran said that “74-year-old Senator Swati must be released immediately, not only because he committed no crime to warrant this mental and physical torment, but also because the military’s credibility is being weakened by the petulant and spiteful targeting”. He insisted that “a strong Pakistan” required the credibility of the military.

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