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“I support PTI, hold dual citizenship” Who is Khadija Shah?

The government and army have declared May 9 to be a “Black Day” following the attack on Jinnah House in Lahore and other military sites during the violent protests that erupted following the detention of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan.

The military has promised harsh punishment for those involved in violence, promising to bring all perpetrators, planners, and instigators to account.

Enraged PTI demonstrators ransacked the Corps Commander House in Lahore, popularly known as Jinnah House, bringing humiliation to the country.

Investigators identified hundreds of PTI sympathizers and personnel as being involved in the terrible attack on the military building. Among those accused of ransacking the Corps Commander House is Khadija Shah, one of the country’s most recognized fashion designers, who has recently stated her intention to submit to police.

Khadija Shah’s Bio

Khadija Shah, the key suspect in the Jinnah House attack, is the daughter of Dr. Salman Shah, a member of former President Parvez Musharraf’s financial team and an adviser in the Punjab government during the Usman Buzdar administration.

During the May 9 mayhem, Shah is accused of leading the attack on the Lahore Corps Commander’s House.

She had gone into hiding as the authorities launched a crackdown on those involved in ransacking public and military installations in the aftermath of Khan’s arrest in a fraud case.

Shah is also the granddaughter of a retired army general.

She declared her surrender on Sunday, after police raided her home and arrested her family members, including her husband.

When the cops invaded her house, she fled through the backdoor.

In the nearly 16-minute audio clip, Shah admitted to being a PTI fan and participating in the rally outside the Lahore Corps Commander’s House, but she denied any misconduct, including inciting people to violence.

“I’m going to turn myself into the cops.” “I made this decision because the last five days have been extremely difficult for me,” she explained.

“They (the authorities) stormed my house at midnight and kidnapped my husband and father.” “They beat up my husband in front of our children… and tortured my domestic workers,” she alleged.

PTI fan went on to explain she had not broken any laws or violated the country’s Constitution, and that she had participated in numerous PTI protests over the past year.

She also stated that she was a dual citizen seeking assistance from the embassy, but she did not expand further.

“The Punjab government is trying to build a case against me, saying I am the prime suspect and mastermind of the May 9 vandalism,” she added, accusing the province authorities of victimization.

“I am neither a PTI office-bearer nor a PTI worker.” “I protested as an individual as an Imran Khan supporter,” she clarified.

What role did Khadija Shah play in the Jinnah House attack?

She said she attended PTI demonstration at Liberty Chowk in Lahore to protest the imprisonment of the former prime minister, who was deposed last year and shared her version of events that led to the attack on Jinnah House.

“I also met Andleeb Abbas (PTI leader) and was later told that they (protesters) were heading towards the Corps Commander’s House to stage a protest there,” she continued.

There is nothing wrong with mounting a protest outside any venue in any democratic country, according to Shah.

“I and Andleeb attempted to prevent the protesters from ransacking… but the crowd was growing and there were only a few organizers,” she alleged.

Furthermore, Shah stated that she did not cross the Jinnah House wall and instigate anyone into violence.

She did, however, admit to posting videos of the ransacking of the Corps Commander’s House on Twitter to show the public what was going on because there was a media ban.

“Yasmeen Rashid [a senior PTI leader] told me that the protest outside the Corps Commander’s House would continue until Imran Khan was released,” she continued.


She apologized to the troops for her behavior after admitting her error.

Khadija Shah admitted to making “inappropriate” tweets against the military leadership out of rage and emotion, but she has already erased them.

PTI fan went on to say that she is more of an army person than a civilian.

There will be no discrimination

Meanwhile, official sources stated that no one is being discriminated against because of their military past and that those responsible for the May 9 vandalism would be brought to justice.

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