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Hyderabad and Karachi holding long-awaited LG elections

KARACHI: Today (Sunday), including Karachi and Hyderabad, the long-awaited second round of the local government elections in Sindh is taking place in 16 districts.

Voting started at 8 AM and will go on until 5 PM.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, nearly eight million voters are anticipated to leave their homes to choose their local government representatives from among the 17,863 candidates running for chairman and vice-chairman of the union committee and general members (ECP).

Up to 8,876 voting places have been equipped with CCTV cameras and tight security measures, including 4,997 in the Karachi and 3,879 in the Hyderabad divisions.

A total of 8,153 polling places have been designated as “sensitive” or “very sensitive.” In all, 830 candidates including 7 in Karachi and 823 in the Hyderabad division were elected without opposition in 16 districts across two divisions.

3,415 voting places in Karachi have been designated as sensitive, 1,496 as very sensitive, and 79 as regular. In the Hyderabad division, there are 2,674 voting places, of which 1,270 are sensitive, 779 are extremely sensitive, and 625 are normal.

All 1,008 voting locations in Thatta and Sujawal have been designated sensitive, while 185 have been designated very sensitive.

Over 63,000 police officers will work the polls.
As none of the voting booths were what we would consider typical, police and rangers have devised “foolproof” security measures for the second round of Sindh local government elections slated to take place in Karachi and Hyderabad divisions/ranges on Sunday.

According to a police spokeswoman, “about 43,605 officers would execute security duty during LG votes in Karachi division.”

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