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Honey Singh reveals his critical mental health issues

Honey Singh, the popular musician, and rapper says that he struggled with major mental health challenges in the middle of his career.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, the musician discussed how he faced the darkest period of his life.

“I wasn’t really able to understand what was going on,” he stated. I was on an American tour with Shah Rukh Bhai, and before that, we were constantly on the road. At the time, I was working on a show called Rockstar for Star Plus. So, we were shooting in London, Durban, and Bombay before returning to New York and Chicago. We were acting erratically. During the tours, I did notice a few issues, and at one point, everything collapsed.

“I was experiencing extremely dangerous psychotic symptoms.” I had no idea what was going on. I just wanted to go home and asked for a ride. I left the tour and returned to India. I went to see a doctor, and he didn’t grasp it. Even those who recognize mental health today confront the same problem: India does not have enough doctors. “This is what I’d like to say.”

“I needed many doctors, and good doctors,” the Blue Eyes singer continued. I needed big doctors who were also experienced. ‘Why, despite taking drugs for three years, don’t my symptoms go away?’ I used to wonder. Why am I so similar? Do you have no idea?

My family used to tell me that he (the doctor) has 30 years of experience, and I used to tell them that I don’t. I don’t have 30 years to spare. Please replace the doctor’.

“The issue is that the world, not just India, does not have enough doctors.” Parents who recognize their child’s mental health issues and agree to a doctor’s appointment are not the solution. What if the doctor is mistaken? I didn’t see a doctor for 5-6 years. I improved in 2021. I am not experiencing any symptoms as of June or July 2021. I’m settling down and starting to work. I’m doing shows as well as working on my fitness. I’m taking fewer medications and not recklessly.

My new Delhi doctor is like an angel in my life. He has completely transformed my life. He cured a five-year-old condition for me in three months after consulting seven doctors.”

Singh concluded, “It was very difficult.” That thing was pitch black. Everything about those seven years of my life is detailed in my documentary. What happened, what happened, and what this condition is all about? Anyone with mental health difficulties anywhere in the world can see the 15-minute program. Patients, families, and doctors who practice this will all benefit greatly.”

Honey Singh is well-known for his songs such as Love Dose, Lungi Dance, Sunny Sunny, Desi Kalakar, and many others.

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