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A study suggests that hallucinogenic party drugs could be used to treat depression and anxiety

A study suggests that hallucinogenic party drugs could be used to treat depression and anxiety

Some psychiatrists believe that hallucinogenic and party drugs could be used to treat mental illnesses. These drugs’ mind-altering properties have been known for centuries. Scientists believe that these drugs’ trip-inducing effects could revolutionize mental health treatment.

According to the researchers of recent research published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine, their outcomes suggest that magic mushrooms could provide doctors with a powerful solution for depression. Psilocybin, a synthetic version of a mushroom ingredient that causes vision distortion, was found to alleviate depressive symptoms in people who had not responded to traditional treatments.

Psilocybin’s effectiveness and safety are currently being tested on larger groups by researchers. Within three years, they predict, regulators might give it the all clear.

Magic mushrooms are reportedly thought to be the most dangerous drug in both the US and the UK, according to claims from MailOnline. Anyone found in possession of the substance faces possible few years in prison.

However, several studies have now linked the medication to reducing depression. More than 200 patients with treatment-resistant depression were included in the most recent trial. Along with therapy, the substance was given to them.

Patients receiving the highest dosage over the course of 12 weeks noticed a decrease in the severity of their depression. Previous research has demonstrated the benefits of psilocybin on conditions like anxiety and anorexia.

According to experts, the medication “opens up” the brains of those who are struggling with mental illness, enabling them to dissociate from their negative thoughts for up to three weeks.

The medication has also been shown to aid alcoholics in their battle against addiction. 90 heavy drinkers were enrolled in a New York University trial, of which half received psilocybin and the other half a placebo. The drug administration increased people’s chances of quitting drinking twofold, according to the results.

Ecstasy, another Class A, and Schedule I substance that is popularly used at parties has been demonstrated to lessen nightmares, sleeplessness, and flashbacks, which is beneficial for those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Psychiatrists at King’s College London are prepared to test Ecstasy on ex-servicemen with PTSD after conducting several tests.

Other studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ketamine, another well-liked party drug, in treating depression in patients by aiding in the suppression of negative thoughts.

For years, ketamine has been approved for use as an aesthetic, and it is also given in small dosages for severe pain.

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