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Hajra Yamin has important advice for girls

Actress Hajra Yamin encouraged all young females who are madly in love not to take disrespect from their partner.

Hajra Yamin recently sat for a tell-all on a private channel when she shared some important advice for young females. When asked about the three most common faults she believes girls make when they fall in love, the ‘Jalan’ actor immediately replied, ‘disrespect’.

“One thing I have witnessed myself is girls accepting their respective partners’ disrespectful behavior,” Yamin continued, adding, “The first time the man disrespects you, leave him right there and then.” “Do not disrespect anyone, nor accept it towards yourself, because it will happen again and again.”

Furthermore, Yamin urged the ladies to “prioritize themselves.” “In our culture, a laid-back attitude after marriage is normal, and women stop loving themselves,” Yamin explained. “Dedicate an hour to yourself every day to put yourself first.”

The actress also advised the girls to keep striving high and achieving their dreams.

When asked what attributes she would want for in a prospective life partner, Yamin said, “Honesty, respect, and a sense of humor.”

Yamin also disclosed during the talk that she always has a Taser in her luggage for safety reasons and advised all of the girls to do the same.

Meanwhile, on the work front, the actor last received recognition for her performance in the online series ‘Sevak – The Confessions ‘. The drama was based on genuine events that occurred between 1984 and 2022 when Hindutva fanatics overtook Indian politics.

Previously, she garnered admiration and applause for her different parts in drama serials ‘Teri Raza’, ‘Jalan’, and ‘Mere Apne’.

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