Gunfire, explosions rock Lakki Marwat

Gunfire, explosions rock Lakki Marwat
Gunfire, explosions rock Lakki Marwat
Several attacks that were likely acts of terrorism were reported on Thursday night from various locations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but there was no official word from the military or security services regarding the occurrences or the number of casualties.

On Thursday night, Lakki Marwat city was shaken by a large explosion, multiple blasts, and a lot of shooting, according to government sources.

According to sources, the explosion happened close to the Government Postgraduate College, which has a military barracks and security officers stationed there.

Residents reported that after the initial explosion, there were many further booms and loud shooting, which partially destroyed the homes in the populated area.

After the initial explosion rattled the neighborhood, people emerged from their homes, but additional explosions and shooting forced they back inside.

Sources cited early reports to claim that extremists had attacked a military base late at night. They claimed, “It was a bomb and gun attack,” adding that the military fired back, sparking an hour-long gunfight.

On prepare for any potential emergency, the district headquarters hospital’s administration assigned doctors and paramedics on duty.

Although doctors and paramedics were put on notice, a hospital employee reported that no victims had yet been brought to the facility.

District police officer for Lakki Marwat, Muhammad Ashfaq Khan, told Dawn that the shooting had ceased and that no casualties had been reported as of the time of publication.

According to him, security has been stepped up throughout the district as a result of the incident. “All army and police installations are safe,” he added.

Three terrorists who had targeted a retired colonel in his guestroom were killed on April 24 in a confrontation with anti-terrorist and law enforcement personnel in the Paharakhel Thall village of Lakki Marwat. This attack followed that incident.

Javed Iqbal, a CTD inspector who was hurt during the exchange of fire, eventually passed away from his injuries at a Bannu hospital.

In the early hours of Friday, several further instances were also recorded; two in the Tank district’s Mir Kalam neighborhood and one in the Bannu district’s Janikhel neighborhood. However, up to the time of publication, neither the police nor Inter-Services Public Relations provided any information.


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