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Gulabo Rani wins 7 more awards from global film festivals

Gulabo Rani, a horror movie starring and directed by Usman Mukhtar, has just won seven additional international accolades. It will be released in March.

He wrote a lengthy thank you note to everyone who contributed to the production on Instagram on Monday. “Thank God, I’m thrilled to inform you that our movie Gulabo Rani has won seven additional international honors.” He recounted the honours, noting that Gulabo had taken home four Independent Shorts Awards Los Angeles, two Indie X Film Fest LA, and one Indie Short Fest LA prize.

From the cast to the crew, he congratulated everyone for their “hard work and dedication” on the production. He finds it “really astounding” that he was able to accomplish so much on such a small budget.

Notwithstanding the difficulties we encountered, he said, “every single one of you brought your A-game to the table.” “The finished product clearly reflects the heart and effort that went into this undertaking. This movie would not have been a success without your dedication to excellence and enthusiasm for narrative.

In his remarks to the actors, he praised them for “excellent” performances that perfectly captured the spirit of the narrative while giving the characters “authenticity and passion.” “To the crew: You put forth a lot of effort in the background to make sure everything went smoothly. I can’t express my gratitude to you enough for your unceasing efforts, tolerance, and optimism.

Mukhtar said a final thank you to everyone who contributed to the project, stating that the honors are proof of their “dedication, hard work, and innovation.” “I am incredibly proud of each and every single one of you. Let’s keep breaking barriers and creating incredible stories. Thank you very much,” he exclaimed.

Gulabo Rani’s trailer was released last year. It was published by Eastern Terrestrial Studios, Mukhtar’s production company that he founded with his brother Meiraj in April, and starred Usama Javaid Haider, Meiraj Haq, Daniyal Khaqan Afzal, Omer Abdullah Khan, Natasha Humera Ejaz, and Khushhal Khan Khattak.

The tagline of the movie is “The main task of haunting is done by the living,” which is quite frightening. The movie is about a haunted hostel, at least that is what we inferred from the trailer. The trailer doesn’t have a lot of conversation. Dark graphics, eerie music, and sound effects carry it instead.

The script for the movie was written by Ali Mudar and Mukhtar’s wife, Zunaira Inam Khan, and it was directed by Mukhtar.

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