Govt-PTI at conflict over Ali Bilal’s’ mysterious’ death

Govt-PTI at conflict over Ali Bilal's' mysterious' death
Govt-PTI at conflict over Ali Bilal's' mysterious' death
On Wednesday, the nation was in shock after horrifying pictures of the body of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member Ali Bilal, also known as Zille Shah, in Lahore started making the rounds on social media shortly after PTI’s rally to kick off its election campaign was postponed.

Ali Bilal, Zille Shah, and Black Vigo soon became popular hashtags on Twitter and other social media sites.

More and more information about Bilal’s death started to come to light in front of the horrified nation, including closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of a private 4X4 vehicle that can be seen dropping Bilal off at a hospital where he was later declared dead.

The post-mortem study stated that the man bore 26 signs of torture on his body.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan then shared a video of Bilal being hauled away in a police van saying that he was dead in police custody.

“This footage unequivocally demonstrates that Ali Bilal, commonly known as Zille Shah, was still alive when he was brought to the police station. The former prime minister tweeted, “So he was assassinated while in police custody – such is the murderous bent of the present regime & Punjab police.

Screenshots of the CTV tape, on the other hand, show that Bilal was transported to the hospital in a private 4X4 by individuals wearing regular clothes, not police uniforms.

The individuals that carried Bilal to the hospital are clearly identifiable in the video.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear like the authorities are any closer to apprehending the brutal criminals.

Instead, a team made up of two police officers has been constituted to investigate Bilal’s death, according to a statement released by the Lahore police on Thursday.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Imran Kashore and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Elite Force Sadiq Ali have been named to the committee, according to the police.

According to the law enforcement organization, the inquiry committee will record the testimony of the witnesses and will deliver its findings to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Punjab in three days.

“Custodial torture”

Twitter is flooded with contradictory rumors about the investigation while it is being done by the committee. PTI supporters unequivocally asserted that the party worker had been beaten by cops.

PTI leader posted the following on Twitter: “Ali Bilal was unarmed and our enthusiastic and committed PTI worker was assassinated by Punjab police. This violence towards defenseless PTI employees who were traveling to an election rally is reprehensible. Murderous criminals are in control of Pakistan. We’ll bring murder charges against the IG, the CCPO, and others.

In addition to posting images of Bilal’s post-mortem report on Twitter, the party’s official account stated: “Post Mortem report of Shaheed Ali Bilal shows the use of blunt force & brutal torture causing 26 injuries.”

Shireen Mazari, a key member of PTI and a former minister of human rights for Pakistan, made the claim that Bilal’s death was the consequence of “custodial torture” on the microblogging site.

With Ali Bilal’s death while in detention, “custodial torture against PTI leadership [leadership] & workers has reached new depths of brutality. Why is it okay for a strong psychopath to continue making fun of our Constitution and Rule of Law with his goons in charge of everything?


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