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Govt dismisses summary of terminating the autonomous status of Nab


On Monday, the Federal Government rejected the summary to terminate the National Accountability Bureau’s autonomy (NAB).

According to specifics, the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice rejected the proposal to remove the independent position of the Accountability watchdog in a letter to the NAB. The request to revoke the NAB chairman’s independence was also rejected by the Ministry of Law.

The NAB had sought that their employment is recognized as a Civil Service Occupational Group by the federal government.

The Ministry of Law responded to their summary by stating in a formal letter that work with NAB cannot be classified as a civil service position. The letter further noted that the NAB would cease to be an independent organization if the recommendation were to be adopted, as well as the NAB chairman’s independence.

The National Assembly earlier passed changes to the National Accountability Ordinance 1999 in an effort to limit the authority of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The law minister said that the NAB law was utilized to target opponents in politics. He said that the ordinance’s numerous revisions were enacted by the previous administration just to give the current NAB chairman more time in office.

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