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Former army leader quoted ‘out of context’ on ‘future threat to Pakistan’: ISPR

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations, discussions in the media on the Pakistan Army’s combat worthiness, as well as the former army chief’s comments on the “future threat to Pakistan,” have been “quoted out of context.”

“Recently, there have been discussions in the media on the Pakistan Army’s combat worthiness in light of the condition of certain weapon systems on its inventory,” the military’s media wing said in a statement issued today.

“To this end, the former army chief’s views on future threats to Pakistan, which he shared with media persons in an off-the-record interactive session, have been quoted out of context,” the statement stated.

According to the ISPR, the army has “always taken and will continue to take pride in our operational preparedness and utmost combat worthiness.”

“Pakistan’s Armed Forces have always done and will continue to do everything possible to keep their weapons, equipment, and battle-hardened human resources ready for the defense of the motherland,” the statement continued.

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