Floods and snow hit Europe after latest Atlantic storm

Floods and snow hit Europe after latest Atlantic storm

Parts of northwest Europe had a hard time dealing with the latest in a string of Atlantic storms that dumped snow or rain on already soggy ground, and northern Scandinavia was very cold.

Rescue workers helped people leave their flooded homes in the town of Arques in the department of Pas de Calais in northern France. This was the second time in two months that the area had flooded after heavy rain on Wednesday.

Within hours, it was going to rain another 20–40 mm (0.85–1.7 inches), and a red alert meant that the river Aa was about to flood its banks.

“The first time, you think it’s had luck, but the second time, it starts to hit your wallet and morale,” Anthony Richevin, who lived in Arques, said as he was being evacuated. “You start wondering about the future.”

For now, there are no plans for large-scale evacuations in the area, Van Cauter said.

Heavy snowfall in Norway caused the town of Kristiansand in the south to say that all of its schools and public buses would not run.


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