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FIFA World Cup: Alcohol ban in Qatar, Female fans feel safer


Several spectators were outraged that the FIFA World Cup would be held in a country where the sale of alcohol is heavily regulated, but for some female spectators, it has made the event safer.

In order to make sure she would be safe, Mollison, an ambassador for the HerGameToo initiative to end sexism in football, said that her father had traveled to Qatar with her. However, it turned out that his services as a chaperone were not required.

The 19-year-old claimed that the absence of alcohol had contributed to a less boisterous environment around the FIFA World Cup games, but she believed that it was mostly a cultural phenomenon.

“I believe that a more socially conservative culture is to blame. I believe that things like catcalling, wolf-whistling, and sexual harassment don’t really add that much to antagonism, she said.

“I do enjoy a lot of banter and a wonderful mood, but you don’t really get that here. It’s really different, but with that comes a lot more pleasant, much more family-friendly attitude,” the visitor said. However, the mood is not exactly the same as it would be in England.

Ariana Gold, a 21-year-old Argentine supporter, told Reuters that she was anxious before visiting the Middle East since she did not know what to expect.

She remarked, “I love football and I thought maybe this (Qatar) is a place for only guys, and maybe it is unpleasant for women, but no, I feel quite comfortable and it is very lovely here.”

Although alcohol is accessible in certain restaurants and hotels in Qatar, there is noticeably less drinking than is typical during the greatest football event in the world.

Even though there isn’t any alcohol around and everyone is acting responsibly, England supporter Emma Smith noted that the mood is still pleasant. “Everyone is happy and moving on with it.”

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