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Fawad urges street protests to thwart PDM plans

Following the formation of a three-person panel by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) to begin negotiations to defuse political tension, its spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry urged party leaders and members could march on Islamabad to restore the right to vote and expel the “pharaoh”

Following the parliament’s decision to reject funding for elections, the senior vice president of the previous ruling party made these comments on Monday during an Iftar dinner held by Nasir Salman, Imran Khan’s trade advisor.

The existing authorities, according to him, feel they cannot be overthrown since they have the support of the establishment, thus PTI needs to announce and start a targeted movement. He spoke to the ruling coalition and remarked, “The pharaoh will not go [home] without pressure.”

Fawad Chaudhry declared that Pakistan was in the midst of a “huge crisis” as a result of parliament’s resolution declaring that it was unable to provide funding for the May 14 elections as ordered by the supreme court. He added that 70% of Pakistan was currently run without elected assemblies, despite the fact that the constitution gives people the freedom to choose their representatives.

PTI leader claimed that the caretaker governments in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were both undemocratic and in violation of the constitution. He emphasized that if people lost the ability to choose their representatives, they would be permanently stripped of their rights.

Mr. Chaudhry reaffirmed, “If elections are not held and the Supreme Court is shut down, then there will be no other option but to launch a movement on the roadways.

“No conversation”

PTI leader also declined to open conversation with the government, arguing that the former ruling party could do so even if the current administration refused to recognize the right of citizens to vote.

“A dialogue can only be held within the ambit of the Constitution and the guidelines identified by the Supreme Court,” the speaker continued. Since the establishment was the actual decision-making organization, he asserted, “No talks can be held with PDM until its involvement in the process.”

If the top court’s directive was disregarded, he claimed, democracy would suffer.

Mr. Chaudhry claimed in a tweet that while PTI was united on the subject of discussions, the government was not taking the talks seriously. He said, “The negotiations can only go within the parameters established by the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

Contempt proceedings

According to Mr. Chaudhry, the Supreme Court should file a contempt complaint against the prime minister and the cabinet and “fulfill their desire of disqualification” as a result of the State Bank’s refusal to comply with the court’s decision to release the funds.

Additionally, PTI chairman claimed that parliament lacked the power to stop people from casting ballots. The actions of such a parliament would have little to do with a democratic system, but it may establish the groundwork for a “fascist government.”

He continued that it was very obvious from the constitution that parliament had no power to limit campaign expenditures.

No seriousness

PDM administration and PML-N, according to PTI deputy chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, are not serious about starting a conversation. He claimed that the dialogue was referred to as an “unnecessary activity” by PDM President Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

Speaking in reference to remarks made by interior minister Rana Sanaullah, Mr. Qureshi claimed that PML-N itself was divided on the subject of dialogue. Any discussion, he said, should take place within the constraints of the Constitution.

In response to a query concerning protests, he stated that the choice to start a movement would be made following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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