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There is an email address [email protected] that is for this purpose specifically. There’s also a link at the home page “Sell your Program” which is also helpful in this regard.

E-mail is the best way to get in touch with the production team. Each program has its own e-mail address [click here to contact us]. Also, regular mail to the concerned production in Lahore or elsewhere works. Each audience-based production maintains a database of people who have attended their programs (both as panelists and audience members). If you register via e-mail, cards will be sent to your home/work address before each recording.

Timeslots are decided by a scheduling and programming process that factors in research from various sources. There are many factors that go into this choice and they most important reason is invariably the choice of a majority of our viewers on what they are wanting to see and when. Don’t be discouraged, it’s not a conspiracy against you. Hopefully you will watch the show in its new timeslot, and also the show that has replaced yours! To match your own times.

Each program has its own e-mail address. The production team regularly shares all feedback with the anchor of the show. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to reply to each and every piece of mail sent to a particular person. But rest assured that each opinion and suggestion is read and given consideration by the concerned persons.

DVD/VHS copies are not available as yet, but soon we are working around this to make our premium programs and other merchandise available to all our viewers around the globe.

The website has pages that have specific information regarding openings at all Geo Bureaus. There is also information regarding internship opportunities for students. Specific questions can be answered through correspondence to [email protected]

Not at the moment. Voice News has the same audio signals at both Left and Right speakers.

By registering with Voice News website, you will become eligible for various services provided by Voice News.

You can SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE “NewsAlert” or other mailing lists at GEO website by clicking this link: voicenewspk.com. However, after submitting your info at the above-mentioned URL you may need to wait for 2-3 days for the database to be updated.

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